Thursday, July 16, 2009


I felt stress today. So i went to the school to play hockey. Just like my old way to release the stress away, hit the ball into the goal post as hard as i could..the explosion sound helps me to explode. When i arrived i saw encik markro 'was shooting'. Posponed the hockey, go shooting with him first.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm trying hardly to be infected by the cat fever..since the other photographolic has been infecting for so ong ago..i hope their fever will last at least untill i manage to get one hehehe

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pangkor Island's fisherman

This picture is an adaptation version from one of en Marko's picture that i admired the most. Eventhough the quality of each single aspects are much lower than marko's but the main point is now i have a fisherman boat just like him hehe


This picture is taken during the farewell night for our two school's teachers .People come and people go..that is a normal thing..but it will never normal for us

BTN Kundasang

We met again in BTN. Still remember laughing together at the back when the speaker was delivering his speech during induksi..hehe what a crazy moment. Nice girl. still wondering how she could guess correctly the colour of the mentos..each is scary (wizard)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cameron Highland

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mt Kinabalu

I woke up early in the morning just because i don't want to miss to see the panoramic of mount Kinabalu. I wonder where does the direction of mount Kinabalu as i didn't see it since i reached in Kundasang yesterday. Actually the mount are covered by the cloud almost the whole day and only can be seen early in the morning. After solat and washed my face (it was damn cold to take bath) i stepped out from my room and really surprised to see the mount just straight from my room. What a beautiful, fascinating, amazing panoramic view. MasyaALLAH.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just below the wind

After refreshen our body at Poring Hot Spring, we continue our journey to Kundasang. The temperature was getting lower as we get nearer to the destination and it totally made me lost..i slept almost the whole journey and only woke up when we reached at the place where there are a lot of stalls that sell vege and fruit along the both side of the road. Such a fresh and colourful panorama. We stayed at Zen resort, really worth. The price was very affordable for us, the accommodation are very good, the room is spacious and comfortable, the area is peaceful and very beautiful.

Poring Hot Spring

Yesterday my friends and I went out for a holiday. We decided to go to Kundasang to fullfill Piji's dream since he has never been there although he had being in Sabah for 2 years..what a pity of Piji. But the price of the dream has to be paid by Dayat hehehehe..for the sake of Piji, he willing to have gravelsickness (seasickness) along the journey. When we arrived Ranau, the first destination was Poring Hot Spring..well, this was my second time to be in this hot spring. Poring Hot Spring is listed as one of Sabah Park. It is a very beautiful park which maintains the nature where we can find a lot of weird plant that usually can only be seen in the jungle. I like Poring Hot Spring and will come again next time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spirit of the lion

Last night was the chinese new year night. The chinese new year seems not complete if there is no lion dance. Although the dance was not as entertain as the lion dance that i used to watch in my hometown but it was enough to live up the sensation of chinese new year celebration in Keningau.

Gong xi

This is my very first outing with my 'photographolics members'. The location was quite colourful; along the hotel juta the chinese new year celebration is being celebrating by the chinese, the night became so delightful with the red tanglungs that can be seen hanging almost everywhere. Being there was a new experience to me. But in a low light condition like that, it was pretty hard for a beginner like me to shoot. Thanks to all of my friends who were very kindhearted shared their skills and experiences with me. This picture was taken with ISO 1600. This is the original version without any editing.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

No fear

Today i went outing alone just to apply what sifu dayat taught me in the photography class a few days ago. Seem likes a tutorial for me in focusing object and how to manipulate the aperture and speed setting to get a good picture. This picture was taken at about 1130 in the holiday morning. Out of 89, this is the best. The interesting part of this picture was after i tried to take a lot of picture of this butterfly, run after him to get close, sweating and frustrating, finally as time as goes by, he was not fear of me anymore. He let me took his picture in a very close range!

Looking for the best shot

This picture has been captured when i was putting my first touch on my camera. Just the very first step for a beginner like me. Of course the pro won't lay even a single eye on this low quality picture. But sifu-sifu out there please comment hehehe

We are meant to be together

After a very long time dreaming to have a DSLR camera (about 1 year), finally i manage to buy 1..D80. So happy, no word matches the historical moment. But there is no time for a long celebration..i need to learn a lot about the camera as well as the skills on how to capture a brilliant picture. At least i have to prepare for my sister engaged occasion on this coming march. Otherwise, i will be laughed due to the blur or similar quality picture compared to my sister's compact camera and it will be damn worse if the pictures are uglier than my sister's late 90's camera. So three huge cheers for azmi chaiyu chaiyu chaiyu.