Thursday, September 4, 2008

TenQ cik Siti n cik Yanti 4 da delicious free kfc hehe, i wonder wat will happen if andak knows (she said that it is a shame 4any boy that is spent by a girl) heheh please dun tell her ek bruppp kanyang suda ba ini

Today i joined the Photography Club..and had been voted as the vice secretary of the club. The chairman is Dato' Panglima Dayat hehehe so sorry i was the one who played the major role in the chairman's photography club parliment voting process haha. Really happy 2 join bcoz i'm really interested in photography since the very first time i accidentally took picture using my sis conventional film camera hehe (super duper ugly picture-still keep the pic). On top of that i've got a berrry berrry berrry gud rezen to buy my impressive outstanding D90 DSLR that is about to launch on September hahaha (hahaha tie up tightly la my stomach 4 4months hahaha as laughing as crying- tawa dalam tangisan) But b hepi Azmi it will b really ok, really worth.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inilah barisan kita
Yang ikhlas berjuang
Siap sedia bekorban
Untuk En Azmi yang hensem heheh
*Once a year wash shoes itupun b'coz da brand new otherwise kuikuikui

Monday, September 1, 2008

I luv 2watch HOUSE..let me prove it. Look at the love above esspecially at da middle. How could they b black?? no paint as well as crayon mmmm by cooking during u're watching hehehe. Everyone should watch too..full not half half arr (every monday 10 pm channel 701 ASTRO)

Today is da 1st day puasa..still remember the very first day puasa when i was 7 or 8..thought that i will die juz because cannot eat and drink..starving juz like the african people who eat anything they found; leaf, bugs, fly (why arr there is something in my mind about fly hehe) rice even a tomoto (cannot find in africa only in tamparuli kihkih) cendol, big mac for sure la never heard about that pun. My mum told me if i dun puasa then she won't buy me baju raya..without baju raya cannot go around the kampung to collect duit raya..wa so scared la dat time cannot collect money (so materialistics since very very young ceh). Thank God..i finished the full 30 days puasa..really ok didn't die pun..never break puasa since that untill now..thank you mother (but now dun collect duit raya from people anymore despite i'm the one who give the money to da children..really hepi to do that). Hope this puasa will train me to be a better person and more dicipline. aiyoo it is 430 already dun realize better go to da pasar ramadhan now before the food sold out..

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sambut merdeka di Padang merdeka in Kota Kinabalu..pretty amazing 15 minutes fireworks ever been watched.