Friday, September 19, 2008

I've done a very big mistake juz now. I told my girlfriend about the making perfume project that i had done yesterday. Honey did you made one for me?...

Yesterday during PSK class, i taught the students how to make their own perfume. For information, we has finished the syllibus and had revised all of the as the reward for the hard work, with pleasure from deep of my heart, i will share my knowledge with them. So, as the preparation, 2 days before the 'day' i asked the students to bring the flowers which have good smell to school. They looked very excited and that cause me to feel encouraged..but it is true to believe what people say that dun judge a book by its cover, as well as ur students..they looked to have full of sprit at the first time but when the time comes the spirit lost. Only a few students bring the flower juz enough to make 2 table spoons of perfume. The process was carried out in full of fun. Their action has brought back my sprit. The perfume was left for 2 days and 2 nights. We will meet again on Monday for the next steps.

Yesterday was an exhausted day. Early in the morning i went to KK with Fazli to submit the free ticket form for the coming final semester school holiday. We reached KK at 930 and submitted the form at Rumah Persekutuan. According to the officer working there, unfortunately there is no more free ticket fund for this year..any refund will be informed soon. So sad to hear. Then to recover our sadness, we went to survey the price of D80, D90 and D60. We surveyed at 4 shops in Centre Point. The best price for D80 was 3k..the cheapest ever. But money..if i did i would grab that camera in no time. The D90 haven't been in Malaysia yet. I hope the D90 will get the very good comment from the camera user so that the D80 will be much much cheaper than 3k hehehhe.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My laptop got a friend..his name is hp. Hp is powered by Intel core 2 duo meanwhile compaq is powered by AMD turion 64X2. My compaq looked very happy, he smiles all da time. They always share and change information to each other. At the free time they like to play together. I got hp from the school as a part of teaching maths and science in English programme..therefore i wont use compaq in teaching anymore. Basically compaq will act as my personal entertainer media meanwhile hp will help in working.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today i broke my fasting at KFC. TenQ to Diah, Nani and Arni for d invitation to Diah's birthday 26th party. Nani's sister and brother Ema and Jijol were there too. We had joy we had fun we had kfc chicken in the mouth hehe. Well da picture above was not the kfc we had eaten but that is a food juz like ketupat that malay people eat during hari raya. Its name is buras. Really similar to ketupat made from rice but cooked with coconut milk and packed with banana leaf. Buras is Bugis' traditional food. Nani told me that buras is compulsory food during Raya day..waa really want to eat, hoping that i have change to celebrate Raya in Sabah one day to eat buras..can't wait that time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I read on internet about the giving name for the first Proton's MPV contest. If i won i will get one of the MPV. So i asked Siti and Chris..Chris told that she had participated already and named the MPV as Proton Lagenda..wuuuuuu what an old fashioned name la kahkahkah (sorry jgn marah hehe but as expected from a makcik hahhhaha). Well what i'm going to name the MPV hah..? Do u have any suggestion..