Saturday, January 24, 2009

No fear

Today i went outing alone just to apply what sifu dayat taught me in the photography class a few days ago. Seem likes a tutorial for me in focusing object and how to manipulate the aperture and speed setting to get a good picture. This picture was taken at about 1130 in the holiday morning. Out of 89, this is the best. The interesting part of this picture was after i tried to take a lot of picture of this butterfly, run after him to get close, sweating and frustrating, finally as time as goes by, he was not fear of me anymore. He let me took his picture in a very close range!

Looking for the best shot

This picture has been captured when i was putting my first touch on my camera. Just the very first step for a beginner like me. Of course the pro won't lay even a single eye on this low quality picture. But sifu-sifu out there please comment hehehe

We are meant to be together

After a very long time dreaming to have a DSLR camera (about 1 year), finally i manage to buy 1..D80. So happy, no word matches the historical moment. But there is no time for a long celebration..i need to learn a lot about the camera as well as the skills on how to capture a brilliant picture. At least i have to prepare for my sister engaged occasion on this coming march. Otherwise, i will be laughed due to the blur or similar quality picture compared to my sister's compact camera and it will be damn worse if the pictures are uglier than my sister's late 90's camera. So three huge cheers for azmi chaiyu chaiyu chaiyu.